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[Re] Aligning With Nature | pg87


Denise DeLuca's new book [Re]aligning with Nature is a treasure trove of wisdom and natural sense. As a friend and mentor Denise has been there for me every step along the journey of learning from nature and applying that to our own technology. Today I wanted to take a close look at page 87 in her new book when she says:

"...In Nature, consumption is good. Consuming is how organisms turn waste into food, create new structures, new synergies, new opportunities, participate in Nature's endless flows and cycles. In Nature, efficiency is not the goal..."

These few sentences are a pretty big shift for many people in the sustainability community. How do we wrap our mind around the idea that consumption is good? Aren't we suppose to be reducing our carbon footprint, and eliminating the product altogether. Didn't Patagonia (a bastion of sustainable products) recently ask us not to buy their jacket? 



Is Denise asking us to abandon all hope, and just consume? No, she is challenging us to change our manufacturing, design, and economy to be as integrated, circular, and productive as Nature. She asks for us to make our products be as generative, supportive, and nutritious as natural products. How could Patagonia instead of asking us not to buy products, be so abundant in their creation of a jacket that they run this ad -> 


One way that Stefanie Koehler and I (Stefanie also happens to be the brilliant illustator of Denise's book) have been working to create this abundant future is by collaborating with the International Living Future Institute. Their have a rather new and exciting program to help companies create products that meet their Living Product Challenge. If like Denise, you want to see a future where consumption is a beneficial part of our world - let's connect, and get abundant.

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