The Bathroom Sink of the Future: Microbe Friendly


We have been in the war far too long, it's time to call a truce. Bacteria are not our enemies, we have let fear of a few extremist and opportunistic species dictate our conversation, as a result we are loosing the war to anti-biotic resistant species and also leave ourselves vulnerable with few microbial friends.


The bathroom is a perfect place for us to change our relationship to bacteria and other microbes. It's where we most ruthlessly, and daily impact our own skin. Designing for a healthy microbial life can keep you healthier, reduce anxiety, improve your skin health and make for a less expensive skin management routine. We have highlighted three products that might appear in the near future in your own microbiome friendly bathroom.


Oil Enriched Soap & Oil Based Cleaning 

Our skin needs oil, and many soaps will strip the skin of natural oils that bacteria use as food. By removing the food source, and using anti-biotic soaps you have created a clean slate, a no-man's land that can quickly become inhabited by any old bacteria that comes along, even the pathogenic ones. A soap that is enriched with oils, or even better a cleaning oil routine, can help keep the skin microbes well fed, happy, and looking to keep out the invaders.


Custom Microbiome Gel Scrub

We know that there is not one type of healthy microbiome, but we do know that in general a more diverse microbiome ends up being a more healthy microbiome. At LikoLab we imagine that in the near future you will be able to purchase different varieties of microbiome gel scrubs. The scrubs are handy because they allow the bacteria a way to enter not just the surface of the skin, but also find those books and crannies where they can make a difference, and keep your skin healthy and glowing.


Microbial Enriched/Selective Surface Coatings

Plants and animals have figured out how to cultivate their own specific microbioms. Many mushrooms will recruit specific bacteria to help break them down when they are completed with their task. This symbiotic relationship helps the entire system - and yet with our constant battle against microbes we have missed the opportunity to find those friendly ones that can help us out. We think it won't be too long until you can purchase counter-tops, fixtures, and even spray on applications that recruit the good bacteria to take up residence in your home, on you sink, and in your bathroom. These little bugs could help break down ammonia smells, emit specific 'fresh' scents, and generally keep the bathroom a healthy place with less chance of disesase.