LEAD DESIGNER | Seattle/Bainbridge

The Lead Designer position at LikoLab is set up to grow with the company.  We have experienced increasing demand for our services and would like to have someone grow into this important role. To reflect this we do require that you be able to meet on Bainbridge Island at least once a week.

Mission: To produce compelling and clear visual documents, interaction design elements, and short animation.


  1. To  create the final visuals and assets and pass them to the Project Lead and Business Director.

  2. To work with Project Lead to refine design insights and create a compelling visual experience through multiple mediums.

    • The design aesthetic can be creative and will set brand design.

    • Assets must be unique and transferable to project needs.

  3. To take all created content for the project and assemble the final output for transfer to Project Lead.

  4. To develop new services and client deliverables.


  1. Discretion and trust: All content to be kept strictly confidential.

  2. Communication: Must be able to work well with others in the organization. Must be able to clearly communicate ideas.

  3. Quality: Must be able to produce high-quality work. Toward that end, must also be able to take direction well and understand that criticism of the work is not criticism of the person.

  4. Timeliness: The ability to progress regularly on the work when necessary and must be able to hit deadlines when they are present.


In fulfilling the role above the outcomes and qualities are ranked in order of importance. If there are time or resource constraints, higher items take precedence over lower items. To apply please attach appropriate links (portfolio, resume, etc) in contact form.