Work With Life


At LikoLab we worked with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to bring bio-inspired design to their innovation process. Over the course of several months we learned how the engineers at Fiat Chrysler work, learn, and play. We gained insights into how new ideas flow into new cars, and developed a set of experiences and educational modules to bring more insights from nature to their designs. A human-centered approach to delivering bio-inspired content.


“It was a pleasure to work with LikoLab in the development of our Bio-Inspired Design training module. The LikoLab team of Tim and Stefanie helped FCA connect our innovative methods to the natural/biomimic world.  The results of this effort included process flow development, templates, worksheets, and methodologies that enabled us to succeed. They took the time to share their deep understanding of nature and assisted us in translating it into the FCA language which has opened a new world of possibilities for our future. We have since internalized the bio-inspired knowledge and training and use them on a regular basis to expand our innovative solutions and inspired new product designs.” - John Haley @ FCA