Why Liko?

Liko (lee-kō) means the essence or color of a fresh leaf shoot in Hawaiian. We view every project and service as a unique opportunity to grow a sustainable new product, company, or service that can create positive impact in the world. We partner with our clients to grow vibrant new technologies.

Who Are We?

We are biologists, designers, systems thinkers, product innovation specialists, educators, strategists, chemists, builders, storytellers, and people who like to imagine what the future might hold. Our project teams are crafted for specific challenges and skill sets, but a few regulars are:

Tim McGee, M.S. - Founder, Chief Biologist & Associate Designer

Stef Koehler, M.A. - Visual Facilitator & Innovation Strategist

Renata Mann, B.F.A - Creative Strategist

Where Are You?

We are based in the Pacific Northwest. With access to the mountains and oceans that we regularly explore for projects and fun. We partner with people and organizations globally, always hoping to bring them to our neck of the woods for a bit of show and tell.



We strive to create the legal and business systems to enable individuals to come together around interests and skills. Profit from their success in mutually beneficial ways, and have fun along the way.

We are always looking to find a good fit & friends to work with ~ contact us.

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