Our process feels like a mixture of science and design. We consider the big picture, while designing for people. We are passionate about complex environments, sticky problems, and building platforms that engage people and natural systems. We aim to create designs that fit.

Making to Believe

Learning from and engaging in the natural world can stimulate our senses, increase creativity, and allow us to see challenges in new ways. Yet without creating tangible outcomes, expressions we can feel, touch, and see these insights are too easily dismissed.

At LIKOLAB we firmly believe in making ideas tangible early and often. We do this to help us, and others believe what is possible, desirable, and needed. We do this to find what fits. We believe that making helps us, and other see the world in new ways.

Life Centered Design

Life-Centered design emerged from work done at the interface between biomimicry, bio-inspiration and human-centered design.

We engage the latest discoveries and understanding in biological science with a design driven methodology. Building on the practices of human-centered design that have been successful for over 30 years in crafting objects that better fit people, we begin to consider how our designs might fit better into life. Both our own life, as well as the life of other species that share our planet.