Consulting Services 

LikoLab offers consulting services that help your company work with life


Sustainable Product Innovation Consulting

LikoLab can enhance your brand value by aligning  people, products, and planet. As sustainability, design, and systems professionals we can help you conduct an Life Cycle Assessment, set strategy and direction, advise materials and technologies, and develop design based solutions to meet the toughest standards on the market. We have worked with large fortune 500 companies, and small botique firms to bring sustainability and innovation to your process.

Biologically Inspired Education & Innovation Consulting

Growing your people is one of the biggest ways a company can advance innovation and sustainability. Looking to nature is a rapidly advancing field. At LikoLab we have worked to create a human-centered approach to engaging biology. This means that we tailor fit the inspiration process to your needs, market, people, and desired outcomes. We have conducted workshops, as well as developed entire portfolio of products that can help innovation teams succeed. 

Microbiome Consulting 

The next frontier in product design is learning to work with nature, rather than against it. One of the biggest changes in the past decade has been the discovery of the importance of the microbiome. We work with you to