Life on Earth has spent billions of years evolving solutions to every problem imaginable, from allocating resources effectively, to creating networked information systems that respond to complex systems. LIKOLAB helps you access this resource. Boost your teams ability to design solutions to complex problems, uncover new opportunities, develop new materials and enhance your outcomes. We have seen it all, a few of the questions we have recently helped firms grapple with include:

  • How should we roll out autonomous trucking?

  • How can healthcare be more resilient?

  • How can we be more innovative, relevant, and fresh?

  • What is the future biological design & materials ?

We consider the big picture, while designing for people. We are passionate about complex environments, sticky problems, and building platforms that change behavior. We aim to create designs that fit. Some of our recent clients include leading global design and research firms like IDEO, Boston Consulting Group, Lululemon, and more. Our process is simple and get's right to the point, getting actionable insights quickly. We give talks, workshops, write, and often act as experts or luminaries to provide new insights to tricky problems.



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