Timothy R. McGee

I started LikoLab to explore how the processes of science and design could be used to create meaningful results. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is how every great design solves two problems. One for the person who uses it, and one for the system in which it is a part (a new teapot shape that keeps your hands from burning, while also making it easier to manufacture). Finding these 'scale jumping' designs has become a central part of my design philosophy. 

My background is in biology, asking 'how does nature make materials'? This question rapidly turned into 'Why don't people make like nature?' And I have spent over a decade working with companies around the world to gain insights from nature to improve their own systems or products; from helping cities re-frame how they think about water, to helping pharmaceutical companies consider their digital strategy. I'm increasingly interested in how our own evolution shapes our interactions with our digital lives today. How does our ancestors obsession with water and all things shiny help us use our cell phone today?

I give talks, workshops, consulting, and love to find insights on complex and tricky design challenges. To learn more reach out to me at tmcgee at this website.